About Cumberland Housing Alliance


The mission of the Cumberland Housing Alliance is to address the housing and community economic development needs of low to moderate income resident of the greater Cumberland region of Allegany, Garrett Counties in Maryland, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and Mineral County West Virginal. By developing affordable housing, creating homeownership opportunities, ensuring long term availability of developable land, and community economic development activities, the Cumberland Housing Alliance will improve economic opportunities for the citizens of the region.

The Cumberland Housing Alliance is the nonprofit development corporation arm of the Housing Authority of the City of Cumberland. The Cumberland Housing Alliance is staffed by the employees of the Housing Authority. The Housing Authority has been providing public housing to the low-income residents of the City of Cumberland for over 50 years.

The activities of the Cumberland Housing Alliance include the development and construction of rental and ownership housing developments, in the Greater Cumberland area. Other activities include financing products which address affordability issues facing low-to-moderate families such as shared-equity mortgages, sweat equity programs, and the operation of a land trust.

The Alliance expects to be active in the management of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit developments, redevelopment of public housing developments, urban infill projects, and renovation of dilapidated properties for use as affordable housing.

It is expected the Alliance will be involved in the creation and management of financing tools used to assist in the purchasing and development of housing for middle moderate to very low-income household.