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When submitting an application for housing, the applicant MUST submit ALL of the following forms or the application will not be processed. 

Housing Application Form 101

Authorization to Release Information Form 104

Background Investigation Consent Form 111

Criminal History/Sex Offender Affidavit Form 113

Income Verification Form 116

Declaration of Citizenship Form 142

HUD Form 9886

Section 214 Notice

RESIDENTIAL LEASE BOOK              Effective October 21, 2015

Lease Book Front Cover

Lease Title Page

Residential Lease Part I

Residential Lease Part II

Addendum A Rule and Regulations

Addendum B Pet Ownership Policy

Addendum C Grievance Procedure

Addendum D Schedule of Maintenance Charges 

Addendum E Community Service

Addendum F Violence Against Women Act Policy

Addendum G No Smoking Policy

Addendum H Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home


Enterprize Income Verification

Risk Control Policy

Reasonable Accomodation Request Form 140

Information for Residents of John F. Kennedy Apts. & Queen City Tower

Hi*Rise Emergency Information Pamphlet 

Deceased Resident Policy

Statement of No Income Form 121

Statement of No Income Verification Form 122

Emergency Notification Form 141

ACH Authorization Agreement Form 146

RAD - General Information Notice

RAD - Resident Information Notice


Section 214 Notice

HUD-5369 Instructions to Bidders

HUD-5369-A Statement of Bidders

HUD-5369-B dated 8/93 Instructions for NonConstruction Contracts

HUD-5369-C dated 8/93 Certifications and Representations of Offereors for NonConstruction Contracts

HUD-5370 General Conditions of the Construction Contract

HUD-5370-C Part I General Conditions of the Non Construction Contract

HUD-5370-C Part II General Conditions of the Non Construction Contract

HUD-5370-EZ General Conditions of Small Construction Contracts

HUD-5372 Construction Progress Schedule

Attachment No. 1 Form of Proposal Form 511

Attachment No. 2 Non Collusion Certificate Form 512

Attachment No. 3 Anti-Bribery Affidavit Form 513

Attachment No. 4 Profile of Firm Form 514

Attachment No. 5 Sample Contract Form 515

Attachment No. 6 Stipulation Against Liens Form 516

Attachment No. 7 Section 3 Business Participation, Preference and Plan Certification Form 517

Attachment No. 8 Client References Form 518

Attachment No. 9 Contractor Insurance Requirements Form 511

Attachment No. 10 Equal Employment Opportunity Certification Form HUD-92010

Attachment No. 15 RFQ Supplemental Instructions to Proposers & Contractors (SIPC)


Application for Employment

Authorization for Release of Information


5 Year Plan

Civil Rights Certification

Drug Free Certification

Significant Amendment to 5 Year Plan